A Guide To Buying Snowboard Gear

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For some individuals snowboarding has replaced skiing as the winter sport of choice for some. Having evolved from techniques used in surfing and skateboarding, it has increased in popularity over the years.

A great workout, it tones the entire body while providing a cardiovascular workout that provides for strengthened heart muscles and improvement of oxygen delivery. It can be a great sport for those who want a physically demanding activity.

Shopping for a Snowboard

There is a lot involved in getting into snowboarding, not the least of which is snowboarding equipment. The list of this equipment can be quite long depending on the preparedness and seriousness of the snowboarder.

A snowboard is an absolute necessity for any snowboarder. A snowboard resembles a small surfboard, equipped with bindings. To find a snowboard that is right for you, first you must determine you own needs such as what kind of snowboarding you plan to do. There are several types including freestyle, free ride, and race. Each type of snowboarding requires a different type of board. There are many sizes, brands and models – so be sure to shop around.

Additional items to consider when shopping for a snowboard include the length and width of the boards, tail and tip length and width, maximum stance, side cut, ability to maneuver at high speeds, weight and sliders, or binding holes. There are also women’s specific boards available that are narrower for smaller feet and are more able to accommodate a lighter rider.

Other types of snowboard equipment include, of course, the snowboard itself. Additional gear is boots, bindings, winter wear such as jackets, gloves and hats, helmets etc.

Preparations Against Mother Nature

As with skiing, snowboard equipment must encompass not only the requirements of the sport, but also protect against the weather conditions that are necessary for snowboarding. Winter equipment such as warm clothing, earmuffs, hand/foot warmers, and boot dryer are must haves when it comes to snowboard gear. Sunscreen, sunglasses, maps, and a basic hydration system are required snowboard gear as they are for all physically laborious outdoor activities.

Winter Gear

Be sure you are prepared for the cold temperatures before you head out to the slopes. As with skiing, the cold is a given. A solid winter coat, gloves, earmuffs, and hat are must have snowboarding gear. You need to consider not only temperature, but also the sun. Carry chap stick, sunscreen, and sunglasses to avoid excess sun exposure and damage from the snow glare.

Safety First

Regardless of where you decide to snowboard, you need to consider other safety factors. A helmet and pads can help prevent serious bodily injury. A basic first aid kit is not a bad idea either. And what if you were to get lost? Even if you are familiar with the area in which you are snowboarding, it is not unwise to have a travel guide or map among you snowboard gear. A signaling device can also be useful in case you are lost or trapped due to an avalanche.

Before You Hit the Slopes

Individual snowboarders can best determine their own needs, and what should be among their snowboard gear. A seasoned snowboarder will have a better knowledge of brands and types of boards as well as the overall dangers. The best way to find out what is right for you is to shop around and ask questions. And be prepared! Nature is you playing field with this sport so you must always prepare for the unexpected.

Where Is the Best Spot to Look?

Basically, everyone wants to get snowboard gear for cheap. But now everyone knows where and how to find the greatest deals and discounts on snowboards. If you are thinking about buying boards and gear, the first thing to keep in mind is to not buy during winter season. The reason behind is that, snowboard equipment are usually all marked up high. So, the best time of the year to buy discounted snowboards is during off-season. Because the demand for snowboard during this time is low, you can definitely find the cheapest snowboard gear. So, to save much, buy at off-season as store owners usually mark down their snowboard products.

Another way to find snowboard gear for cheap is in the internet. The internet offers both new and used boards so you can definitely find low cost gear that will match you needs. There are lots of online shops that offer great sale and discounts on these items. So, you just have to be keen in searching and comparing one product from the other. The choices of snowboard equipment in the internet are unlimited. Therefore, know what you want and be sure to pick the right gear according to you skill level and preference.

While you can browse the internet for the best deals and you can also choose to buy during off-season, another way to save much is to ski-swap. You can easily find a marketplace that buy and sell used equipment. These are great places to purchase brand new or slightly used snowboard gear at preseason prices. You will surely find here the lowest deals on bindings, poles, boots, helmets, etc.

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